70850 578th Ave, Diller, Nebraska 68342, United States

(402) 793-5553

Rock Creek Aquaculture

Welcome to Rock Creek Aquaculture, home of fresh Nebraska shrimp

Welcome to Rock Creek Aquaculture, home of fresh Nebraska shrimp

Welcome to Rock Creek Aquaculture, home of fresh Nebraska shrimpWelcome to Rock Creek Aquaculture, home of fresh Nebraska shrimpWelcome to Rock Creek Aquaculture, home of fresh Nebraska shrimp

Responsibly-raised and delicious Nebraska shrimp


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Expanded Retail Hours- Watch our Facebook Page for Details or Call/Text 402-

FREE DELIVERY to Beatrice, Fairbury, and Washington

Saturday and Sunday Feb 1&2

 Text 402-875-1567 to order

Deliveries will likely be early afternoons that weekend

Our testimonials


  • "Absolutely great shrimp"
  • "A fantastic tour"
  • "They definitely know what they are doing"
  • "Cool operation"

Valentine's Day Shrimp


Taking preorders now, free delivery to Beatrice, Fairbury, and Washington Friday, Feb 14 and Saturday, Feb 15

Text 402-875-1567 to order

PRICING (Effective 1-5-19)


Large shrimp:  $18.75/lb

(For orders 10 lbs and over, $17.75/lb)

Small shrimp:  $17/lb

Sustainable and local


You are buying shrimp that not only tastes fantastic, but is produced in a local and sustainable operation

About Us

Our Story

  • We are a family-owned and operated environmentally friendly farm
  • We raise sustainable, antibiotic-free Pacific White Shrimp in an indoor facility
  • All saltwater is recycled and there is no environmental impact 
  • Our Nebraska shrimp are enjoyed locally in select restaurants and through retail sales to the general public
  • We are proud of our product and operation look forward to seeing you

How To Buy Our Shrimp

  1. Farm to Table! Fresh shrimp are available 7 days a week- just call ahead and we can arrange a pickup time.
  2. Set retail hours for tours and shrimp sales are Sundays 1-3. ( We also provide group tours by appointment)
  3. Available at  C&C Specialty Market in Beatrice every 3rd weekend 


  • From Beatrice:  Take 136 West, turn left on Hwy 103 and go south to Diller, go through Diller and take first RIGHT (709 RD).  Go three miles west and turn left at 578th AVE.  Go 1/2 mile south and the farm is on the left (Red buildings with shrimp flag flying)

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Come visit us! If we are not available, send a TEXT to 402-875-1567

Rock Creek Aquaculture

70850 578th Ave, Diller, Nebraska 68342, United States

Farm number (402) 793-5553 or Scott's cell (402) 875-1567

Hours by Appt


07:00 am – 09:00 pm


07:00 am – 09:00 pm


07:00 am – 09:00 pm


07:00 am – 09:00 pm


07:00 am – 09:00 pm


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01:00 pm – 03:00 pm


Check out this video, showing how your shrimp are hand-picked, harvested, weighed, and packaged.  They are ready to cook right away or can be held at refrigeration temperature for 48 hours.

Contact Us

Come visit us!

If you need immediate assistance, TEXT 402-875-1567 and we will do our best to accomodate you

Rock Creek Aquaculture

70850 578th Ave, Diller, Nebraska 68342, United States

(402) 793-5553

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Frequently asked questions...

Nebraska shrimp


"Best shrimp we've ever had" is a common feedback we get.  We think you'll agree.


Q:  What is so special about these shrimp?

A:  Pacific White Shrimp are coveted by experts because of their sweet and delicate flavor.  They are also raised in an eco-friendly manner without the aid of antibiotics so you are guaranteed a wholesome product.

Q:  I don't know how to fix fresh shrimp. Is it a lot of work?

A:  Preparation is minimal and easy!  These shrimp do not require deveining and should be cooked with the shell on for best flavor.  We will share our cooking tips and recipes when you pick up your shrimp.

Q:  Why pay more for these shrimp when I can buy frozen shrimp in the store for a lot less?  

A:  Our shrimp are locally produced and fresh.  In the US, we import over 80% of our shrimp from other countries (Taiwan, etc.), who farm their shrimp in large outdoor ponds where regulations (for antibiotic, hormone, chemical, and preservative use) are not the same. You are buying cheaper shrimp, but those imported shrimp are from thousands of miles away and have been frozen for a long time.  There is a big taste difference. We guarantee you will notice.

Q:  Am I buying live shrimp?

A:  No.  Your shrimp are hand-picked when you order and placed in an ice water bath which they don't survive.  This is the most humane way to harvest them and this also ensures you have a fresh product ready to take home.  The neatest thing is you are buying "off the boat fresh shrimp" hundreds of miles from the coast. Fresh Nebraska Shrimp!

Q:  Do I have to cook them right away?

A:  No.  Fresh, whole shrimp are perishable, but are OK in the refrigerator for 48 hours after they are harvested.  If you are unable to cook them at that point, just remove the head and freeze the tail.

Q:  Can I call or message and preorder?

A:  Preordering is a good idea, especially for 2 lb orders and larger.  It allows us time to hand-select your shrimp for size and quality.

Q:  I have heard aquaculture is not sustainable.

A:  Our production practices ARE sustainable.  We recycle ALL water and do not discharge any waste into the environment.  A portion of the shrimp's diet is plant-based also.  Due to our "green" method of production, we can minimize the need for fishmeal feed, avoid negatively impacting the environment, and can raise our Nebraska shrimp without the aid of antibiotics.